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Logitex - and it works.

Our specialists do not only maintain and repair your device, but are also directly available in case you have any questions.

Our team's work at the repair center is based on the principle of "prudent repair", i.e. besides checking and repairing any defects, parts are also checked and reworked, or are replaced if they start showing signs of wear and tear. To avoid greater damage and thus any loss of production, we encourage you to send us your device for regular inspection. This increases the service life of equipment and minimizes the risk of equipment failure. In addition, regular maintenance is cheaper than buying something new. During the repair, you always have the opportunity to inquire directly with the technician who is working on your device. Before it leaves our premises, your equipment undergoes final testing, so that you will get it back perfectly calibrated and ready for immediate use after just approximately 5 weeks (timely repair release provided).

  • Prudent repair


    We do not only resolve the immediate defect. We also conduct a "prudent repair": Components that are on the border of their service life are reviewed and reworked or replaced with original parts. Through our years of experience we know the typical weaknesses of the different types of devices and how to repair them. Many components of the system are unique or are produced only for a short period. Our team of experts specializes in such cases and will procure even the rarest spare parts. Thus, we are able to carry out repairs on devices that are already old and discontinued. We have made it our mission to give you security and a contact person who will assist you in quick troubleshooting with extensive expertise in order to achieve the main objective of production: A system that provides reliable, error-free results.

  • Sustainable repairs


    Repairs are the fastest and most efficient method of troubleshooting, because they are cheaper than buying new equipment on the one hand, and they make readjustments and tuning new devices to the existing systems unnecessary. Following the plug & play principle, you can install the repaired component back and proceed with the production instantly without costly adjustments. Thanks to our diverse and high-quality testing methods and optimized processes that meet the ISO 9001, the service life of your device is maximized and it is like new again. In addition, it is much more environmentally friendly to repair a device rather than to dispose of it and replace it. Repairs lead to less waste, thus protecting the environment.

  • Maintenance and reconditioning


    A maximum degree of reliability and precision is key for any production. To specifically prevent failures, use our maintenance service and send us your equipment for regular reconditioning. This way you can avoid production bottlenecks and profit from maximum availability. Resolve small issues before they result in major damages!

  • Direct contact with the technician


    With us you will speak directly to the expert who is dedicated to your device. With one call you will get immediate and technically sound information about the repair status. You can talk directly to the technician who has your device on the table and get technical feedback.

    High-frequency electronics go by their own rules. Therefore, broad expertise is needed when dealing with such components. Special soldering techniques and appropriate materials during processing are necessary, as well as special cleaning procedures to freshen up coated elements. Also, the precise assembly during the maintenance process is key. Our technicians are specialized in these aspects.

  • Custom measuring and testing bodies


    Any repair is incomplete without calibration, adjustment and final testing. Therefore all devices undergo extensive testing before leaving the house, ensuring full operability in the system. You can find an overview of our test equipment under "Devices and Equipment".

  • Repair costs


    Our cost estimates are based directly on the failures and repair costs. Each device is subjected to a thorough examination, so the cost of each repair is individual and depends on the requirements of each device. You will receive your device back after about 5 weeks, given a timely permission to repair.

    Based on a long-term business relationship, it is also possible to negotiate lump sums and fixed prices.