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Logitex - and it works.

From mechanics to electro mechanics up to the finest high-frequency electronics—we repair them all. Simply ask us!

Below you will find an exemplary range of devices together with the testing options that we provide for the respective device. You want us to repair a different device? No problem. Contact us and we will be happy to help!

  • High frequency (RF) generators


    A generator as a power source for plasma generation has to meet the highest standards regarding stability and availability. To ensure these factors during repair and reconditioning, we will primarily eliminate the defect and then we simultaneously perform a diagnosis of wearing parts to be ahead of future failures. Regular maintenance and professional repairs are just as much part of our service as fast response times and short processing times.

    The review and adjustment of components is just as important as repairs. With our test loads up to 40 kW, we can simulate load cases. Each generator undergoes a burn-in test before it leaves our premises.

  • Matching systems


    The matching system, as part of the control loop between source and plasma, ensures optimum impedance matching. This should be done quickly and without vibration. Only precise impedance matching ensures stable and continuous results in plasma generation.

    With us, the devices go through a simulation scenario with automatic variable load. The requirement criteria in this simulation are higher than in the actual system, so we bring the match to a precise working condition.

    To ensure optimum function, our experienced technicians fully revise the match-boxes. This includes complete disassembly, cleaning and reconditioning of all mechanical parts, checking and matching the control electronics and final testing on a test load.

  • Plasma generators (RPS)


    Plasma generators are complex systems that must be in perfect condition in order to work precisely. If you have problems such as chamber contamination, ignition problems, other errors, or if you need someone to maintain your facilities, we are your competent partner. We can repair and / or recondition your equipment. Well-known error sources are examined and removed if necessary. Through our specialized partners we are able to recoat plasma chambers according to the manufacturers' requirements. At our automated testing stations, the generators undergo a comprehensive testing scenario with a simulation of process conditions. In doing so, we operate the generator in plasma operation mode under vacuum and under supply of argon and nitrogen for several hours to deliver a perfectly working machine. 

  • Robots


    Most precise handling even after the millionth cycle! To obtain this level of precision and to ensure it in the long run, we offer the reconditioning, repair and maintenance of these highly complex producer robot systems.

    Our services:

    • Plant simulation
    • Own testing facilities with original software in a dedicated clean room for continuous testing and to break in the mechanics
    • Replacement of wearing parts such as seals and ball bearings
    • Clean room-compatible cleaning of components
    • For reconditioning purposes, the robot is dismounted into its components and reassembled from scratch
  • Microwave systems


    We have decades of experience in this area as well:
    Replacement of defective magnetrons, high-voltage power supply testing, matching the matching systems and testing the equipment under realistic conditions.

  • Power supplies


    Whether as a bias supply, supply voltage or control voltage: The demands made to power supplies are always the same: precision, high availability, stability and efficiency.

    Whether high voltage, high current or high power: With our expertise, we can cover any area and are your partner for quick repair solutions in the field of power supplies. This includes:

    DC generators

    • High power load

    HV modules

    • Test set-up for positive and negative voltage up to high kilovolt areas
    • Sealing the board with a special varnish

    High voltage power supply

    • Instrument shunt alignment to several kilovolts and kilowatts

    Magnet / lamp drivers

    • High currents and constantly reliable performance
    • Adjustment and testing on in-house halogen lamp assembly
    • Sealing the board with a special varnish
  • Dynatronix power supplies

    • From 1 mA to 10,000 A and from 1 V to 1,000 V, we offer the power supplies for any desired performance
    • In addition to DC mode only, you have the option of pulse operation up to 10 kHz

    In electroplating processes this feature comes into play. Surface processing and finishing play an increasingly important role... The advantages are obvious: By coating the base material with a high-quality material, the work piece simultaneously satisfies the requirements to the solid base material and the high-quality surface for the respective application.

    Dynatronix is ​​a leading US manufacturer of DC pulse and reverse power supplies. As an official European Service Point, we offer repair, maintenance and sales directly from Europe with short reaction and waiting times.

  • Motors and controllers

    • Special cleaning of all mechanical parts
    • Replacement of all wearing parts (bearings, seals, gears, etc.)
    • Use of original lubricants specified by the manufacturer for all moving parts
    • Defective controllers are also repaired and aligned
  • Ozone generators


    We can test ozone generators, because we are able to destroy the generated ozone in accordance with applicable security policies.

  • VME boards

    • Special boards
    • We test and repair boards that have been long discontinued by the manufacturer.
    • Original test structure (rack) and clean room
  • Exceptional and special equipment


    Your device or application is not listed? Our expertise is so extensive that we can  onlyshow a fraction of our services on this page. Get in touch with us and convince yourself of our comprehensive customer service.

  • Equipment / options


    We work with the latest technology and high quality equipment to guarantee first-class quality. Our machines are regularly maintained and comply with the latest technical standards. Here, you can get an overview of our extensive facilities:

    • ISO Certification
    • Bench Multimeters (HP / Keysight / Agilent / Fluke) for precise alignment and calibration of the repaired instruments
    • Custom-made testing setups for system simulation and logging
    • Testing loads
      • 40,000 W (RF)
      • High power resistors
      • Dynamic load
      • High voltage resistors
    • Latest soldering technologies, from SMD to RF
    • Own reference RF generators
    • Match testing bench
    • Cleaning baths for RF components
    • Impedance meter
    • Spectrum analyzer
    • Isolation transformers for equipment testing with specified supply voltages
    • Diagnosis / measurement computers for generators
    • Testing magnet assembly for magnetic driving testing   
    • ESD workstations
    • RPS testing stations
      • Vacuum pumps
      • Diagnosis and data collection of the measured values
    • Oscilloscopes
    • "Endpoint" computer for monochromators
    • Modern clean room
    • 3 robotic testing stands in the clean room
    • RF power meter
    • Water-cooling throughout the facilities
    • Stock of spare and special parts
    • Frequency generators
    • Evacuation for clean packaging
    • Mechanical workshop