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Logitex - and it works.

Boards and assemblies for automation systems, control boards, stepper motor controllers, motherboards, power supplies. We repair and rework these and many other types of boards for you.

Boards and modules run many years as components of production and industrial facilities without any problems. In the event that such components fail, our customers are often faced with the problem that the actual manufacturer of the respective board or module is no longer in business or has discontinued the support for it. This is when we are there for you: Send us the module for diagnostics and we will locate the error and provide you with a free repair quote. Of course we also perform maintenance on boards even before a failure occurs and thus help you to prevent machine downtime.

  • Services

    • Free diagnosis and estimate (excl. packaging and shipping)
    • Latest soldering technology and years of experience
    • Repair of single-, dual- and multi-layer circuit boards
    • SMD, SMT and THT, we master all technologies
    • We carry out a complete overhaul of the board upon request.
    • When repairing components, we can measure, examine and exchange components, which have reached the lifetime or load limit
    • Modification of boards according to customer requirements
    • Network of component suppliers who can supply rare and discontinued components quickly and reliably
    • Meticulous final inspection in our shop
    • Final functional testing on site.
  • Repair of printed circuit boards and modules of all kinds

    • Motherboards
    • Control boards
    • Boards for automation systems
    • Drives for stepper motors
    • Controllers
    • Automation modules
    • Power supplies
  • Advantages

    • Many boards are no longer available due to their age
    • A repair is usually cheaper than a new purchase or the purchase of a used module.
    • Due to modern soldering technology, the quality and longevity of the board are given again.
    • Board testing in advance in our laboratory.
    • Many years of experience with customers from laboratories, industrial areas, instrumentation, semiconductor and solar industries, etc.