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Logitex - and it works.

With us you have a direct contact in Germany with high availability, short dispatching routes and a holistic service.

We are a young, competent team of technicians and specialists active in the repair and maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing components. Our headquarters in Germany save you long and expensive shipping routes, you will enjoy quality "Made in Germany" and you will have your functional device returned in a timely manner. In urgent cases, of course, we also offer express repairs. Our years of experience, broad expertise and excellent facilities guarantee first-class work. We offer a "prudent repair", fixing both the direct defect and taking the overall state of the device into account to remove any signs of fatigue. You also have the rare opportunity to talk directly to the technician who is repairing your device. Hence, you can get immediate technical feedback and quick responses to any questions.

  • Philosophy


    We have made it our mission to not only resolve immediate device failures, but always to consider the overall condition, a well. Our philosophy is that of a "prudent repair", i.e. wear parts are replaced, if necessary, and the unit is returned in a perfectly balanced and adjusted state. This prolongs the life of your device and it is as good as new again! You can also benefit from our maintenance service and be ahead of any major damage. With us you get a quick and comprehensive repair, and are in direct contact with the technician who has your device on the table. No nerve-wracking waiting loops, but immediate answers.

  • Based in Germany


    We offer extensive system expertise and knowledge from Germany. Thanks to our location in close proximity to the Munich Airport you can benefit from short and less expensive shipping routes as well as high availability. Long waiting times for shipments to and from the US or Asia no longer apply. Your device is ready for use and returned to you within a short time!

  • Express emergency repairs


    If time is short, and your device has to be operative again fast, no problem! We are able to respond quickly and reliably to emergencies. Particularly urgent repairs (e.g. in plant downtime) are of course taken care of asap.